ESPRIT LOGISTICS is the General Agent for shipping company(SEA CARRIER SHIPPING CO., LTD) which is carrying dry bulk cargo as a major to be introduced in Korea port. Currently, ESPRIT LOGICSTICS is offering the following Shipping Agency Services, and Port Agency Services will be available in the end of 2019.

Shipping Agency Services

ESPRIT LOGISTICS’s primary function is to secure bookings of shipping space from local shippers. ESPRIT LOGISTICS is therefore responsible for the sales and marketing of the shipping company and provide additional services such as vessel operations, documentation etc. Moreover ESPRIT LOGISTICS is Korea's exclusive broker for Time/Period chartering vessels owned by the G/A shipping company.

Cargo Sales

ESPRIT LOGISTICS is a forwarder and the G/A for SEA CARRIER SHIPPING CO., LTD in Korea providing total logistics solutions.
ESPRIT LOGISTICS collects the following cargoes and ship to the vessels by the G/A shipping company and do the efforts to develop
sea cargo freight business in the capacity of ocean going carrier and their Business connection and build up their Worldwide service Network,
co-operate in promoting the Business. We introduce the following dry bulk cargo that can be transported by us.

Finished steel products

Finished steel products continue

Other steel products

Project Steel Product Cargo

Cargo: Equipment for power plant
Cargo: Train
Cargo: Abt 4000cbm machinery
Vsl: Dwcc 6000mt/twn deck
Zhuhai-Southeast Asia
Cargo: Abt 1500cbm ship hull blocks
Vsl: Dwcc 4000mt
Dalian-Japan range


Iron ore
Chartering Broker
ESPRIT LOGISTICS acts as intermediaries between shipping companies seeking employment for their vessels and charterers-requiring the services of a ship.
Normally it is the duty of the charterers' brokers and the owners' brokers to carry on the negotiations on behalf of their respective principals and to bring them to a conclusion.
The contract between the shipowners and the charterers is usually drawn up for signature by the charterers' brokers.
ESPRIT LOGISTICS is Korea’s exclusive chartering broker for SEA CARRIER SHIPPING CO., LTD and can give quick reply to charterer’s request and is competitive
as it is a charterer’s direct broker in Korea and can save a large portion of the charterage.